Storage units price

At LOKABOX, we know the question of storage unit rental rate is an essential element for our customers. So, we take price very seriously! For most customers, in addition to security, practicality of our solutions and flexibility over time, price is an important element.

What is the price for a storage unit in Belgium?

Have a look at our prices online or contact your advisor free of charge by phone on 0800 12 680. He will determine with you the size that you need and its price and current promotions.

The price of your storage unit depends on several factors on which you can have an influence:

Discount at LOKABOX

Discounts often have a major impact on your rental rate.

1 € or 50% the first month / Low price each month

Do not hesitate to ask your LOKABOX advisor to find out if the volume you need is available and if there is a discount. To benefit from a price or a promotion for a unit, make an online reservation. Your réservation is valid for 30 days from the date you sent the form.

The volume of your storage unit

Everything is about volume! And the cost of your furniture storage depends on it. At best you optimize your volume, at the most you decrease your rental price.

We work at helping you find the best space for you to store everything in the best conditions. Choose the best volume and you will get a better rate. It is your satisfaction that counts.

Rental duration

With our short-term contract, renewable tacitly, You only rent your storage for periods of time you need storage. Thanks to this flexibility, you only pay when you use your unit.

Latest details on our price

  • At LOKABOX, there is no membership fee.
  • The duration of your contrat is 1 month. Our contracts are renewable tacitly every month.
  • A unique and new security padlock will be necessary to lock your individual storage unit (14.99 €)
  • For your tranquillity, the goods you store must be insured. The possibility to subscribe to a personalized insurance policy will be suggested to you in your centre Lokabox.

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