Our LOKABOX centers

LOKABOX provides a range of quality services to its clients. Market leader, LOKABOX offers storage space for individuals in need of space but also storage solutions for professionals.

Looking for a storage space in your area? Here is the list of our self-storage centers in Belgium.

Lokabox Forest | Brussels
Rue Saint-Denis, 270
1190 Forest
Lokabox Zaventem | Brussels
Sterrebeekstraat 163
1930 Zaventem
Lokabox Charleroi
Chaussée de Bruxelles, 151
6040 Jumet
Lokabox Liège South
Rue Saint-Vincent, 12
4020 Liège
Lokabox Liège North
Avenue du Progrès, 9
4432 Alleur
Lokabox Nivelles
Chaussée de Namur, 60
1400 Nivelles