Storage unit in Nivelles

Do you live in the Nivelles area or in Walloon Brabant and you want to store your belongings temporarily or long term? Lokabox Nivelles offers you flexible and practical storage solutions. Whether you’re moving or planning renovation works, our spaces are available to meet your storage needs.



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Calculate the size of my unit

Special offer
Price (Vat inclusive)
1m³ 1m²
Ideal for storing some belongings. Storage up to 20 boxes.
35€ / Month*
29€ / Month
Each month*
6m³ 2m²
Ideal for the contents of a studio or student room.
Storage up to 65 boxes.
the first month
107€ / Month*
59€ / Month
Each month
12m³ 4m²
Ideal for the contents of a one-bedroom home.
Dwelling of about 60m2.
the first month
130€ / Month*
75€ / Month
Each month
18m³ 6m²
Ideal for the contents of a home with 2 bedrooms.
Dwelling of about 100m2.
195€ / Month*
105€ / Month
Each month
21m³ 7m²
Ideal for the contents of a home with 2 to 3 bedrooms of about 110m2.
199€ / Month*
139€ / Month
Each month
24m³ 8m²
Ideal for the contents of a home with 2 to 3 bedrooms of about 130m2.
187€ / Month*
153€ / Month
Each month
27m³ 9m²
Ideal for the contents of a home with 3 bedrooms of about 180m2.
213€ / Month*
175€ / Month
Each month
36m³ 12m²
Ideal for the contents of a home with 4 bedrooms of about 220m2.
the first month
249€ / Month*
199€ / Month
Each month
45m³ 15m²
Ideal for the contents of a home with 4 bedrooms or more of about 250m2.
319€ / Month*
263€ / Month
Each month

LOKABOX Nivelles, a flexible, reliable and secure storage solution

  • We offer storage space for short or long term, no time commitment.
  • You terminate your contract with a 15 days’ notice only.
  • You get free access to your space 7 days a week, from 6am to 10pm.

Find your storage unit in Brabant Wallon – Lokabox Nivelles

LOKABOX Nivelles is the ultimate solution of storage in Brabant Wallon. Ideally located on the highway in the industrial park of Nivelles South will allow you easy access from the main roads such as E19, E420 and N25.

LOKABOX attracts customers from all over the province Brabant Wallon, Hainaut and Brussels, especially Nivelles, Waterloo, Louvain-La-Neuve, Genappe, Lasnes, Wavre, Rixensart, Ittre, Ronquières, Obaix.

Price of a storage unit in Nivelles

The rental price of our storage box depends on both the size and promotions of the moment. Looking for a cheap furniture storage in Nivelles? Check our rental prices online and take advantage of our great offers!

LOKABOX makes your storage easy

Des transpalettes et chariots de manutention sont à votre disposition pour plus de confort. Nos infrastructures sont sous vidéosurveillance 24h/24. Vous accédez à votre espace grâce à un code d’accès confidentiel pour une autonomie garantie.

No commitment over time means freedom!

Most of our customers want flexibility. Therefore, we offer weekly contracts, renewable tacitly to infinity. With a notice period of 15 days only, you avoid renting your unit when you no longer need storage.

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Business hours

Monday 10:00 — 18:30
Tuesday 10:00 — 18:30
Wednesday 10:00 — 18:30
Thursday 10:00 — 18:30
Friday 10:00 — 18:30
Saturday 10:00 — 14:00

Hours of access

Monday 06:00 — 22:00
Tuesday 06:00 — 22:00
Wednesday 06:00 — 22:00
Thursday 06:00 — 22:00
Friday 06:00 — 22:00
Saturday 06:00 — 22:00
Sunday 06:00 — 22:00