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Are you an individual or business owner, and are you looking for a self storage unit in the Charleroi area? Lokabox offers you secure storage spaces of all sizes, regardless of the length of rental period.

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Special offer
Price (Vat inclusive)
1m³ 1m²
Ideal for storing some belongings. Storage up to 20 boxes.
35€ / Month*
29€ / Month
Each month
12m³ 4m²
Ideal for the contents of a one-bedroom home.
Dwelling of about 60m2.
130€ / Month*
99€ / Month
Each month
18m³ 6m²
Ideal for the contents of a home with 2 bedrooms.
Dwelling of about 100m2.
195€ / Month*
135€ / Month
Each month
27m³ 9m²
Ideal for the contents of a home with 3 bedrooms of about 180m2.
the first month
213€ / Month*
185€ / Month
Each month
30m³ 10m²
Ideal for the contents of a home with 3 to 4 bedrooms of about 200m2.
289€ / Month*
217€ / Month
Each month
36m³ 12m²
Ideal for the contents of a home with 4 bedrooms of about 220m2.
the first month
295€ / Month*
239€ / Month
Each month
45m³ 15m²
Ideal for the contents of a home with 4 bedrooms or more of about 250m2.
the first month
301€ / Month*
265€ / Month
Each month

Storage unit in Charleroi – Your secure storage

In our Lokabox center in Charleroi, security is a key element. Our video surveillance system, our alarms and unique access code for each client will allow you to store your belongings in peace.

Price of a storage unit in Charleroi – better and cheap, It’s possible!

Rental prices for our storage units are posted online. At Lokabox you can rent a box at a great price and enjoy many promotions. Transparency, we play it 100%. The best service at the best price! Attention, our rental prices change every day. Check here the prices of Lokabox Charleroi.

Your advantages to use a storage unit in Charleroi

  • Easy storage solution with access 7 days a week : LOKABOX Charleroi offers free access 7 days a week from 6 am to 10 pm. Each client has its own confidential access code and a unique key for its storage space.
  • Flexible offer adapted to your needs : Whether you need a storage for short or long term, with LOKABOX, everything is possible! You do not commit yourself over time. In addition, you can terminate your contract for free with only 15 days’ notice.
  • Premium Customer Service : Our advisors are at your service to find with you the best solution adapted to your needs.

A LOKABOX unit is better than a garage and it’s just around the corner

You store your belongings yourself in your individual, secure and clean space. You access your storage unit for free and whenever you want. So, you organize your move independently.

Close to the airport, rent a LOKABOX locker

Are you traveling to Belgium or going on holiday? Rent a small space. We call it LOKABOX locker, to store one or two suitcases or precious objects temporarily. This storage space of one m³ is the easiest solution for travellers who transit through our “plat pays” Belgium via Charleroi airport.

Looking for a LOKABOX locker next to Nivelles? Visit LOKABOX Nivelles in Brabant Wallon.

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Saturday 10:00 — 14:00

Hours of access

Monday 06:00 — 22:00
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