Storage unit for entrepreneur

Rent a storage unit for your business – Why?

I have been working at Lokabox for a few years. And I see that more and more freelancers, startups and companies are using Lokabox to rent a storage unit in the short or long term. Storage at the best price When you think about it, this is a practical solution that ultimately results in lower […]

How to stay in a good mood until spring ?

This Monday is the so-called most depressing day of the year, called Blue Monday. Some will talk to you about scientific facts. There’s nothing scientific about it. This term is actually an ad campaign launched by a travel agency, a dozen years ago… Well, if the Blue Monday does not exist, the fact remains that […]

5 questions to a mover

I propose today the business card of a professional mover. It is Gaultier Verbinnen from Roadfast who kindly agreed to answer my questions. 1) What’s the thing you should absolutely think of before your mover arrives to avoid any inconvenience? Without any doubt, you should book the location for the moving truck in front of […]

Your homemade sugar-free advent calendar

Cold is here, it’s dark at 5.13pm. But we will not let depression shoot us down. It’s time to prepare the advent calendar! Whether for adults or children, it’s always a pleasure to offer a small gift and it already puts a touch of Christmas in your home! If you have not already done so, […]

Want a new wardrobe? Store what’s inside and store!

It’s a mess with the seasons right now, and maybe in your closets too. It’s true that with the temperatures we have experienced since the end of August, we have not really had the opportunity to get out all the gear to face the winter! All that to say that it might help you to […]

Decorate your home for Halloween

Maybe you’ve already got a visit from the children from the neighbourhood for Holloween. The kids from the school in front of my house came on Friday! So much fun! I think it’s great and my darlings get caught each year disguising themselves and preparing a huge basket of sweets. This year, don’t hesitate to […]

Save your (outdoor) furniture ! Rent a storage unit !

Despite the exceptional temperatures of recent weeks, you’ll have to think about protecting all your outdoor equipment (if you haven’t done so already). There are of course a lot of objects that can stay in your garden shed during the winter, without any damage and if there is still room of course. But I would […]

4 tips for a comfortable workspace at home

Here we are! Kids are back to school, adults back to work. Dairies are starting to fill up. So one will have to get to work for school. Perhaps you have the advantage of being able to telework. Whether for you or your children, a tidy and comfortable workspace is ideal for working. Here are […]

Back to school without stress, it’s possible!

The holidays are slowly coming to an end. I hope you enjoyed it! In order to start this new school year, I have concocted some practical tips for the organization of the whole family. – A weekly calendar on the fridge To make sure you don’t forget anything, centralise on a planning school activities (swimming […]

Expatriation. How to organize yourself?

Your dream is to live an extraordinary adventure on the other side of the world (well, it is not mandatory to go as far as that to be an expat) or an opportunity to work overseas is offered to you . You are ready for the big jump and to be part of the large community […]