Store your office furniture

Looking for a place to store your furniture while changing your office building? Do you need to make space to renovate your workplace?

Your new offices are not yet available and you need space to temporarily store chairs, desks, computer equipment, shelves, cabinets etc.

Lokabox offers storage units for easy and convenient storage of your office equipment. Entrust the storage of your corporate furniture to Lokabox and move free of mind.

Rent a storage unit near your customers

Think at the organization of your storage spaces with LOKABOX. Whether for archiving, storage of your office equipment, stock, merchandising, unsold,etc.

Choose the region you are interested in and find the storage space that suits your company.

Self-Storage in the province of Liège

Lokabox Liège North

Lokabox Liège South

Self-storage in Hainaut

Lokabox Charleroi

Stockez, rangez et déménagez quand vous le voulez

LOKABOX responds to your storage problems or needs of additional space for short or long term near your company, for easy access to your storage space.

Storage units for professionals are rented without any commitment of duration and are located everywhere in Belgium.

Temporary storage for your business has never been easier.

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Store your supplies and furniture temporarily

A big move in perspective of your company? A renovation project, painting walls, changing flooring,etc. There is work in your building, and everything, except employees of course, must be stored temporarily.

You are at the right place as LOKABOX offers you temporary or long-term storage solutions. You just need to determine the unit size you need and contact us via our website or by phone (0800 12 680).

We are at your disposal to simplify your life and save you time. With your access 7/7, you go to your unit whenever you want. No need for an appointment, access is free. Our centers are under surveillance 24/24. Your business is safe.