Storage of business archives in a safe place

To protect your work documents, paper archives, invoices or classified files, rent a storage space specially designed for this purpose at LOKABOX and use it as a complementary room for your business.

  • Store and look over your documents in complete confidentiality
  • Your archives within easy reach, 7 days a week, from 6 am to 10 pm

Choose our archives self-storage solutions by entering your postal code or contact us by phone 0800 12 680.

Rent a storage unit near your customers

Think at the organization of your storage spaces with LOKABOX. Whether for archiving, storage of your office equipment, stock, merchandising, unsold,etc.

Choose the region you are interested in and find the storage space that suits your company.

Self-storage in the province of Liège

Lokabox Liège North

Lokabox Liège South

Self-storage in Hainaut

Lokabox Charleroi

Shush! You can count on the confidentiality of our teams

We listen to you to guide you every day to offer you the best service and optimal storage solution for your handwritten or printed documents.

We estimate with you the volume of storage that your company needs according to your desiderata’s so that you choose the most adapted space and in line with the archiving needs of your company.

I start

Lawyers are storing at LOKABOX right now, why wouldn’t you?

Law firm from all over Belgium, pharmaceutical centres, FMCG chose us to store their archives and trust us. Why wouldn’t you store your archives at LOKABOX? Here are some reasons:

  • Security: whether you store sensitive documents or keep them for legal reasons, your archives are in a safe place. You rent a space only you have access to! Video surveillance, guard service G4S, unique PIN, everything is implemented to guarantee security.
  • Proximity: consult your data at any time by choosing the nearest LOKABOX centre.
  • Flexibility: rent in the short, medium or long term. All those options are possible at LOKABOX.

Temporarily or ad vitam aeternam, we offer the number 1 archives storage solutions on the market.

LOKABOX offers other storage services adapted to professionals: