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Rent a storage unit in a humorous way

Et bardaf, c’est l’embardée ! I don’t know what happen to me while writing this blog … Maybe I put to much ginger in my lemon water… In short, I had in mind the accent of M. Thoreau and the famous “Tadaaaaa, tadaaaaa, ting, ting, ting”. Can you hear it? So, you’re ready for reading this post a little crazy, I agree, but sometimes it makes you feel good 🙂

It may have happened to you to find yourself “stuck” with your furniture and moving boxes between two moves. Here are different scenarios that has happened – could happen – would happen to you (or your sister, your uncle, your friend, your super colleague, your beloved boss, etc.):

Scenario n°1: Walk on by (End of your apartment rental)


  • You gave your notice to the owner of your apartment. He was not very friendly and in addition to that the neighbours were listening to country music way too loud every night
  • The notice period of your current home is coming to an end and you have found a new home in the countryside. You can even hear the little birds singing but (obviously there is a but), your new cosy nest won’t be available before next month.
  • And of course, all your friends live in apartments and have no cellar, attic or garage, not even a small place in a closet to help you out

Scenario n°2: Our house in the middle of the street (real estate sale or purchase)


  • Your property was sold and you bought THE house of your dreams, but it needs to be refreshed. The bathroom looks a bit like your grandmother’s, the previous owner had dubious tastes in wallpaper or flooring, etc …
  • No choice, you want (have) to do renovations.
  • So you must find a place for all your furniture and your belongings and objects during the transformations. Again, you have no idea where to store all this and nobody around really has room to welcome your super leather sofa (and the 36m3 that go with)!

Scenario n°3 : Born to be wild (Moving abroad)


  • Fed up to live in Belgium? The dream job abroad is offered to you. Awesome !
    But what will you do with the contents of your home? Selling it? why not ! But wouldn’t you be happy to find your stuff if you’d decide to come back to our flat country because you dream of a good steak with fries or meatballs with “sauce lapin”.
  • You would rather keep your furniture and all your household items, multimedia, those you keep in secret and those no one knows you own, like a stuffed weasel, etc. just in case!
  • Once again this question arises: where are you going to store all these things during your quest for happiness in unknown lands?

In all three cases, I obviously have the solution you need or rather Lokabox has the ideal storage solution for you! My garage is obviously not big enough.

Well, let’s be serious for a moment!

Why choose Lokabox?

Lokabox is simple, fast and flexible

go-fastThese three cases (and there are plenty of other obviously), we know them well at Lokabox. For each situation, we offer our hyper flexible storage solutions.

Whether you are planning ahead or you’re in a hurry, we welcome you from Monday to Saturday and offer you in less than 15 minutes, an individual space with your unique locking system (just for you) adapted to the content you must store.

And on top of it, you can come to your storage unit whenever you want and as many times as you want for free. Yes, you read it well, access is unlimited and free!

Lokabox listens to you and guides you

Dog-EarsOur store managers (the experts, I call them, like in Miami) help you by phone or on site to choose the space best suited to your needs. They will give you all the advice you need to maximize your space when storing furniture or cardboard boxes in your storage unit. It’s their job to advise you. It is better to rent the right space than to pay for a unit too big, is n’t it?

You will see, some of our store manager even embody a washing machine or a fridge so you ‘re aware of the volume you will have … that’s service!

At Lokabox, no pressure on duration

I’ve written since the beginning of this article, about housing that is not ready yet, renovations that may take more or less time to be done, I made you dream of a life abroad and now you hesitate between dim-sum and meatballs, etc …

And the good news is that with us, you rent your unit for a minimum of one month but (and this “but” it is rather nice) past this period of one month, you are free to leave without a period of notice.

At-Lokabox-We-Are-CoolAnd so, when the new housing is ready, when your renovation is finished or when you have to recover all your belongings because finally you prefer meatballs, you just empty your unit as you filled it, at your pace and especially when you want. Once the space is empty and everything is in your small van, you go through your Lokabox centre to say hello to terminate your contract and you will be refunded for the days you have not used! Isn’t beautiful?

That’s it, I think I said everything. And if you ever had a little question, do not hesitate. Call us. We will be really, really, really happy to answer it. Otherwise, come and see us, we will discuss your request with a good coffee (tea, soft, water,…).

Did I convince you? Find your center and book your storage unit for free 🙂


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