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Rent a storage unit for your business – Why?

Storage unit for entrepreneur

I have been working at Lokabox for a few years. And I see that more and more freelancers, startups and companies are using Lokabox to rent a storage unit in the short or long term.

Storage goods entrepreneurStorage at the best price

When you think about it, this is a practical solution that ultimately results in lower costs than renting an individual warehouse, building an annex, or moving to a larger office.

By renting a storage unit for your business, you don’t pay any rental lease registration fees since you sign a service contract. The same is true insurance costs for building. These are supported by our company.

Flexibility for entrepreneurs

I have met on many occasions young entrepreneurs who are no longer able to store their equipment or stock at home and who have found at Lokabox an easily accessible and flexible storage solution to develop their sales activity. Accessibility to a stock of goods, equipment or tools is essential to the activity of a business. Being able to access your storage unit every day between 6am and 10pm and as many times as you want are some of the many benefits of self-storage at Lokabox.

Storage archives businessA solution for any type of storage

As an entrepreneur or SME, you can rent your individual space as long as you want for your storage needs. We regularly offer our storage solutions to merchants who don’t have a warehouse or a space at the back of their shop, during sales or during renovation or even development of a store. We also offer storage unit adapted to archives storage or paper document. Our professional clients also include law firms and medical offices.

Store locally

More and more big structures having their headquartered in a big city, now have a storage unit or even several, in each of our Lokabox centers. Deliverymen or sales representatives access it daily to supply extra stock or to dispatch goods locally.

This turns out to be a real time and money saving and this is nowadays extremely valuable. In addition, we guarantee maximum security thanks to a video surveillance system, a guard service, a personal lock and a unique access code.

A company manager renting a storage unit to which several people must have access (delivery, representative, …) can obtain a unique access code per person and be notified at each entry or exit.

It’s your business. Protect it!

Would you like to learn more ? Discover our page on storage for business . Want to ask a question to one of our storage experts for business? Call us on 0800 12 680.

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