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How to stay in a good mood until spring ?

This Monday is the so-called most depressing day of the year, called Blue Monday. Some will talk to you about scientific facts. There’s nothing scientific about it. This term is actually an ad campaign launched by a travel agency, a dozen years ago… Well, if the Blue Monday does not exist, the fact remains that the months of January and February are known to be difficult to pass!

And I must say that there is some truth in this statement. So I surfed the web in search of ideas to boost your mood and hold up until spring. I must say that all these readings have had their effect … I already feel much better!

Energy ideas Blue MondayLemon, ginger, water

Here is a cocktail that I prepare every day since December. And I assure you that it is effective: energy guaranteed. Every morning, I prepare a bottle of water. I remove the skin of half of a lemon that I cut in pieces. I add some chips of ginger, water and sometimes some mint leaves (a colleague suggests to replace mint with basil). And here I am for a good day.


Seriously, I think it cheers up to cook. I grant you, it takes time and I know that between work, children, laundry, cleaning, etc. we do not often have a lot of energy for being a chef at home. I am still convinced that from time to time, it is good to prepare some dishes or snacks oneself.
Cook Bread Blue Monday
Prepare a fruit salad or a soup, make your own bread or a cake with apples and cinnamon for your colleagues, some ideas that I have tested several times and that somehow make you feel good!

If you have children and enjoy walking, prepare some good waffles for tea time. My mom was preparing the dough before going on an expedition in the woods on Sunday afternoon. On our return, we took out the waffle iron. A real treat and an unforgettable memory!

And finally, even if this weekend was particularly bright, think vitamin D (sardines, salmon …). It helps compensate the lack of light for the season.

Take time

Discussions Friends Blue MondayYes I know: easy to say! I am the first to run in every corner. But it’s true. Take time to hug your sweetheart in the morning and evening, and your children. Enjoy this tea, this cup of coffee or this squeezed orange juice before starting your day. Take time to listen to a hyper happy playlist. Take time to go for a walk and breathe fresh air. Take time to take a nice hot bath (with bubbles please) with a good book and / or a glass of wine. Take time to chat with your loved ones at the table before watching a great episode of your favorite series. Take time to read, paint or draw, play an instrument. Take time to do nothing!

And if your budget is ok

Go to a beauty salon for a facial, a manicure or a massage.
You want to move your body? Go to the gym, ride a bike, put on your sport shoes for a jog.
The tips of your hair are damaged, take an appointment at the hairdresser. And do not miss out on the massage of your scalp.
There is a spa not far from you, book a one-hour session to relax!
If Christmas have not played a trick on your scales, treat yourself with a meal in a good restaurant.
But also think of cinema, opera, theater, ballet, a concert …

In short, no matter how you do it, take care of yourself.

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