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Whatever your personal storage needs, you’ll find the solution with Lokabox. The number of people moving house and requiring storage has increased exponentially in recent years, because individuals and families are moving more and more frequently, while living spaces are getting much smaller. Lokabox is more affordable and much more flexible than a traditional storage solution.

Why rent a self storage unit?


There are hundreds of reasons why people opt for self storage for personal use. These are the most common reasons:

• Freeing up space at home.

• Storage during a move or a change of residence.

• Moving from a large house to a smaller house.

• Reducing clutter in your home while it's on sale.

• Saving space when your family grows.

• Protecting valuables and personal belongings during the holidays or while you’re away. 

• Keeping collections and memories in the same place.

• Storing seasonal items (including garden furniture and tools).

• Storing seasonal clothing: Winter wardrobe in storage during the summer and vice versa.  

• Students: Storing personal belongings during the holidays. 

• Students: Renting a self storage unit after graduation, before moving permanently. 

• Temporary storage for personal items while your home is being finished off.

• Storing sports equipment and large hobby items (surfboards or windsurfing boards, bikes, etc...).

With a minimum rental period of one month and flexible periods of notice, Lokabox is a quicker, more affordable and effective solution for short-term personal storage needs than traditional storage methods.

You can access your stored items when you want, you decide how they are stored and you can be sure that they are secure at our centre. The self storage rental fees that you pay include basic services such as lighting and extensive security measures.

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