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What is the difference between Lokabox and traditional storage companies?

Unlike traditional self storage facilities which will store your belongings in sheds, Lokabox offers individual heated and ventilated storage units with high security. At Lokabox you have access to your space 7 days a week, without any additional fees. Whether you’re an individual or a business user, you can organise your move and access your items whenever you like.

Who is Lokabox for?

Lokabox is for individuals and businesses. We offer self storage solutions to individuals who need space (for a move, renovations, travel, extra room, etc.). For businesses, Lokabox offers warehouses for rent that are secure and accessible 7 days a week.

How do I choose the size of my storage unit?

At Lokabox, you can rent a storage unit from 3 to 150 m3 according to your needs. Whether you’re planning a big move or you need small-scale additional storage, you’ll find the right size of unit for your needs. Our advisers will help you choose the unit that best suits you, that’s their job! We recommend that you visit your Lokabox centre first, so that our teams can help you to determine precisely which unit is right for you. Ask for advice.

How much does self storage cost at Lokabox? What does it depend on?

At Lokabox the rate varies according to the size of your unit. At Lokabox we make sure to offer you a better rate than most traditional storage centres, yet we offer a much better service and more flexibility. We hope you’ll find an affordable solution at Lokabox that offers you a high level of flexibility.
Also take a look at our self storage prices section.

I don’t know how long I’ll need a storage unit. Am I bound to a specific period of time?

At Lokabox, your minimum rental period is 1 week, with no long-term commitment. During your rental contract, we will bill you per successive period of 28 days, and you can end your contract whenever you like, with only 15 days’ notice. When you leave, you’ll be refunded for the weeks you didn’t use. So you don’t have to know in advance how long you’ll need your self storage space.

Are my belongings safe?

The security of your belongings is our priority at Lokabox. This is why all our buildings are continuously monitored by cameras, and we have alarms operating outside our opening hours. Only our customers with a valid individual code can access Lokabox facilities. If you would like more information on this matter, please check our security page.

Do I need to book my storage unit in advance?

We always have storage units to help you in emergency situations. In some seasons, we do advise you to book your unit in advance if you want to be sure that it meets your specific requirements.

Do I need to insure the belongings stored in my individual unit?

Insurance is a pre-requisite to the conclusion of a contract with Lokabox. The belongings located in your individual storage unit must be insured. Lokabox can offer you very attractive packages to cover your belongings for only a few euros per month.

When and how can I access my storage unit?

You can access your unit 7 days a week from 06.00 to 22.00 with your individual code. What’s more, you’re the only person who has access to your storage unit, using a special high security key. Also check our centres page and find a storage space close to you.

How can I rent my storage unit?

Renting a unit at Lokabox is very easy. After you’ve chosen the unit that suits you, we’ll fill out the rental documents in a few minutes. We’ll ask you for a deposit. You can pay by card at all our centres if you wish to do so. You will also be asked for your identity card. After a few minutes, you will have access to your individual storage unit.

Do you have partners who can help me to organise my move?

Lokabox has lots of contacts and arrangements with transport and removal professionals. We’ll be happy to provide you with their contact details.

When can I go to Lokabox to find out more?

Our centres are open for visits and advice every weekday from 10.00 to 18.30 and on Saturdays from 10.00 to 14.00.

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