How do I access my self storage space?

self storage access

In the past, those of us who wanted to store items had to conclude formal arrangements with storage providers in order to access them, which implied advance notification, little flexibility and having to pay for this privilege. Self storage at Lokabox is completely different. This is how the service works: you transport your belongings yourself, you store them however you wish and you can access them whenever you like.

You’ll need to work out how you want to store your belongings in your storage unit and take a look at all the options available to you. In most cases, you’ll transport your belongings yourself. Lokabox Self Storage centres are designed in order to allow you to access your storage unit directly, park in front of it and directly unload your belongings into it. This is very practical, particularly if you need to unload heavy items.

Some self storage centres require you to park in designated parking spaces that are not necessarily next to your unit, or else they limit the amount of time you can spend in front of your unit for unloading. Some of them even charge parking fees. Lokabox, on the other hand, provides you with unloading bays and handling equipment that enables you to transport your items from the bay to your unit quickly and easily.

Self storage: Opening hours and services.

At Lokabox, professional lifts are at your disposal to move your items into your storage space. We can help you and advise you on how to store your belongings if you need assistance. What’s more, loading equipment such as removal trolleys and pallet jacks are provided for you free of charge, and you can use this type of equipment to make unloading and loading easier for you.

I’ve stored my furniture... what happens next?

Once you’ve stored your items, you’ll need to access them from time to time to remove or replace things. Self storage works according to the principle that you can choose when you access your unit. Lokabox offers you daily access between the hours of 06.00 and 22.00.

Technically, you’re the only person who has access your unit. It can be padlocked and you hold the key(s) or it can be locked using a personal code. At Lokabox we know that you might want to allow other people to access your unit from time to time, and as a general rule we allow you to decide who can access it.

Lokabox will not allow its own employees to access your unit. However there are exceptions to this rule, for example if we believe that a customer has breached their rental contract, in the event of an emergency. In these cases, we will always inform you.

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